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D.J.J. Watson

Forbidden Forest: Book 2 of The Divided Region Series

Forbidden Forest: Book 2 of The Divided Region Series

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The guild is no more. Good men died and all for nought. Now, a new path begins.

King Jefor has shown his hand and now Elron’s fiercest army is upon them. Weak, and with little time until their sanctuary is breached, Darius has a critical choice to make.

Flee Estos or embark on a perilous journey to Vlencia.

To do the former is to ignore the seer’s prophecy and risk doom for the entire region. To do the latter will force Darius to face a foe he hoped to never lay eyes upon again…

The Forbidden Forest.

Few survive it once, let alone twice. Forces with great cunning and power live amongst its trees, searching for its next prey. With each day spent there, its power grows. So, too, does its price.

Darius will need to draw on every ounce of fight he has left.

The future of Estos rests in his hands.


161 pages

Available in E-Book & Paperback formats

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